• Therapists are brilliant and perfectly selected and including the treatments in the price really made it for me. The evening treatments added the luxury that I’ve been missing in other ‘boot camp’ type experiences.
  • I wanted to take all the therapists home. Really professional, approachable and picked up on every individuals needs. Quality treatments.
  • The accommodation is beautiful, perfect proportions, so relaxing especially by the fire. Most beautiful views. Bed so comfy I’ve caught up on my sleep at last!
  • Please just do it. Yes it is a luxury to spend this money on yourself and the time away from family is difficult, but you will thank yourself at the end and come home full of energy and relaxed. Come on your own or bring your partner.


Welcome to Killadangan House Retreat Centre

Our goal is to offer our guests an opportunity to unwind and recharge while enjoying a first class service in luxurious surroundings. We look after just eight guests per retreat so that we can fulfil this goal. Killadangan House is a stunning period property which we meticulously restored and re-opened in 2017. The house has perfect Georgian proportions and has been sympathetically restored, decorated and furnished to enhance the feeling of light and space while being mindful not to distract from the amazing views over Clew Bay. Soft furnishings and bed linens are of the best quality to ensure a wonderful night’s sleep.

We are delighted to offer this unique retreat at Killadangan in August. We will be presenting a series of six classes in Qi Gong over the four days giving you a strong foundation and confidence to carry on with the practise once you leave. Qi Gong is an incredibly powerful health practice combining a series of gentle movements, meditation and breathing. Put simply, it can be life changing.

What’s included?

• All tuition, food and accommodation
• You will also enjoy a full body hour long shiatsu massage
• Full use of our in house sauna during your free periods

The Food

A very important element of any retreat! The menu here has been carefully planned in accordance with the Qi Gong themes. Your food will be nourishing and never processed and each element of each dish is balanced with that days theme. This will all be explained to you at our introductory talk.

Free Time.

We have incorporated time out periods each day. We don’t get these ever in our non stop daily routine. Take this opportunity to switch off and relax, sleep, enjoy the peaceful space. Or venture out to breathe in the cleanest air you can imagine ! The Greenway is within minutes for running or cycling, you can explore the beautiful loop walks around Murrisk and blue flag beaches are just 5k away. And of course the foot of Ireland’s majestic Croagh Patrick is five minutes away in Murrisk for the ultimate Westport challenge !

What is Qi Gong ?

Qi gong, a Chinese powerful health practice is a series of gentle movements, meditation and breathing. It is based on theoretical principles that are inherent to traditional Chinese medicine. It has wide-ranging benefits, including but not limited to improving balance, digestive& lymphatic functioning, lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle pain, easing depression and stress. Qi gong in studies has been found to improve quality of life in cancer patients and it has been shown to be effective in fighting depression along with many other medical conditions. Based on a lot of ancient knowledge and wisdom, many branches of qi gong have been refined for well over five thousand years.

Qi gong is designed to cultivate functional integrity and the enhancement of the life essence that the Chinese call Qi. It encourages a combination of self-awareness with self -correction of posture and movement of the body, along with the flow of breath and stilling the mind. It is thought to encourage a state which activates the natural self-regulatory and self-healing capacity within the body.

Studies have shown that practitioners of tai chi and qi gong have found a boost in alpha brain waves, suggesting relaxation and beta waves which indicate strong focus. “It has the dual benefit of relaxing you but also sharpening your mind’ says Dr. Lin, a professor of cell biology at the University of California, Irvine. Qi gong has an effect on the cultivation of balance and harmony of qi, positively influencing a person’s energy and impacting what the Chinese would refer to as ‘qi channels’ or ‘meridian energy pathways’ in the body.


  • It is non-strenuous and can be done by anyone of any age.
  • It will regulate your digestion and metabolism, thus helping with weight loss.
  • It is easy to learn no matter how uncoordinated you are.
  • It will stretch and tone all of your muscles, thus increasing your flexibility.
  • It will help relieve neck, back and shoulder pain.
  • It will make your muscles stronger.
  • It will stimulate your lymphatic system and help detoxify the body of environmental poisons.
  • It will develop a calm, focused mind.
  • It helps relieve depression and anxiety.
  • It requires no special equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere
  • It will make you look and feel years younger.
  • It will harmonize and stimulate the flow of energy in the body.

Our Qi Gong teacher explains the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong ...

"Qi Gong is more ancient than Tai Chi. The main factor that distinguishes the two is that Tai Chi is highly choreographed, lengthy and a complex series of movements, while the health enhancement of Qi Gong is typically a much simpler, easy to learn, more repetitive practice. However, even the longer forms of Tai Chi incorporate many exercises that are similar to Qi Gong exercises. Qi Gong isn't a martial arts practice and uses a series of more gentle movements than Tai Chi. I personally find Qi Gong is simpler and easier to integrate however I practice both and I also love Tai Chi. From studies both have huge health benefits and both are equal in their health benefits. Qi Gong is great for a short retreat as the movements are easier to learn and integrate. Both have an emphasis on what is known in Chinese medicine as the '"three regulations" body focus through posture and movement, breath focus and mind focus through meditative components. There is so much ancient knowledge and wisdom in Chinese medicine and practices related to Chinese medicine. I find both Qi Gong and Tai Chi offer huge health benefits and offer a wonderful sense of serenity and wellbeing"

What is Shiatsu Massage ?

Shiatsu is a fully clothed and a deeply fulfilling Japanese medicinal massage based on Chinese medicine principles. It has all the health benefits of acupuncture (treats muscle pain, back problems, headaches, stress, neck pain, allergies, digestive problems, fertility problems, mood problems and depression) without the needles. It is a very nurturing and holistic treatment with powerful results.

The practitioner listens deeply to the client and uses nourishing touch and precise pressure to energy points and lines in the body, which nourish different organs and improves energy flow throughout the body. During this very hands on massage, the practitioner uses satisfying stretching, supportive rotations and mindful touch in order to best support the client in optimal body functioning and to bring their energy into balance. It can help support the client in relation to any illness or unrest they may be going through in their lives.


All tuition, food and accommodation.

You will also enjoy a full body hour long shiatsu massage.

Full use of our in house sauna during your free periods

The cost for accommodation*, food, tuition, massage is as follows.

Rooms available on first come first served basis**
The Connaught Double Room €695 single occupancy, €595 per person sharing
The Ulster Double Room €695 single occupancy, €595 per person sharing
The Garden Room Large Twin Room €695 single occupancy, €595 per person sharing
The Leinster Standard Twin Room €695 single occupancy, €595 per person sharing
The Munster Standard Twin Room €695 single occupancy, €595 per person sharing
* Our bedrooms share two large shower rooms. ** If you would like to book on our Qi gong retreat a 25% deposit is requested to secure your place. The balance is due the week prior to arrival.

Download your Itinerary
Please call us on +353 (0)87 1650570or email info@killadanganhouse.com with any queries.